Guardian of the Mangroves

9 minutes
United Arab Emirates

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Fatouh, the guardian of the Mangroves has not been seen for the last few decades. Some say he left after disputes with local tribes while others claim that it is increasing destruction and pollution of these ecosystems in the Arabian Gulf that have forced him out. And yet recently, two witnesses have reported sightings of Fatouh and share these accounts with us.  As we maneuver into the tiny mangrove islands inhabited by flamingoes and cormorants of Umm Al Quwain, we discover traces of this forgotten creature and reminisce about his life.

Shot in Umm-Al-Qwainn, UAE
As part of exhibit "Mangroves from the Water"

Field Work | Imagine Science Films 2015


Directed by Alexis Gambis
Featuring Shakhbout Al Kaabi & Noor A Al-Mahruqi
Production Sound: Ozge Calafato
Assistant Camera: Xavier Zeytoun Millie
Arabic to English Translation by Noor A Al-Mahruqi
Voices: Ritchi Te, Ronak Babubhai Yadav, Salim Mohammed Bopary, Judith Fernandes, Ozge Calafato, Rebecca Pittam
Assistant Camera: Xavier Zeytoun Millie

Sound Installation: Mouth of the Mangroves: Recorded by Ozge Calafato, Edited by Alexis Gambis

Supported by: NYUAD Arts Center

Special Thanks:
NYUAD Art Gallery
Zayed University
UAQ Marine Club

Zahidah Zeytoun Millie
Daniel Zeytoun Millie

Bana Kattan
Samuel Faix
Brioné LaThrop
Brian Doyle

Omar Shoukri