Contributing Writer for American Chemical Society Symposium Series "Hollywood Chemistry" / by Alexis Gambis

The American Chemical Society recently greenlighted an anthology book in its Symposium Series entitled “Hollywood Chemistry” – an examination of how chemistry is presented in mainstream media. While chemistry will be the main emphasis of the book, the overarching theme will be on science in Hollywood, and how science is made appealing to the general public.

I was asked to contribute an chapter entitled Science Mise-en-Scene. The chapter will discuss the importance of narrative structure and aesthetics in communicating science. It will also touch upon on the misconceptions and misrepresentation of science and scientists in mainstream media and highlight new avenues for better scientific dissemination.

The book will be targeted for scientists, non-scientists, and laypeople in both academia and industry. It would also be excellent for undergraduates and high school students interested in science, and would make an excellent undergraduate textbook. The editors for this book will be myself, Donna Nelson, Jaime Paglia, and Sidney Perkowitz.