Festival de Cine Frances in Quito, Ecuador / by Alexis Gambis

In Quito, Ecuador, 25 films from France will be shown in the 2nd edition of the French Film Festival. The festival starts on November 29 at the Alfredo Pareja screening hall in La Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana (CCE) and then hits the entire city with screenings at la Alianza Francesa and the Ocho y Media Cinemas. Festival continue until December 9th.

The focus on this year’s festival is French Youth. With the La Alianza Francesa, I have organized a program of 6 short films directed by French student filmmakers from New York University, who have traveled the world to create a variety of films: fiction, documentary, docu-fiction and black and white silent films.

My film Deja Vu will be presented as part of the series and I have also be invited at the festival to speak about mixing documentary and fiction as well as science and drama.