Film Workshop at Bard College Citizen Science / by Alexis Gambis

For the last weekend of the Citizen Science program at Bard College (January 18-19), I have been invited back to the Upstate New York campus, where my interest in combining the Sciences and the Arts began. I will be presenting a Film workshop. The goal of the workshop is to spark interest in translating scientific thought into visual storytelling. By viewing films, introducing small film exercises and discussing in a collaborative setting the relationship between science and narrative structure, first year students at Bard College will explore freely how to be imaginative, unconventional and original in scientific storytelling.

About Citizen Science

The Citizen Science program will introduce students to science and the ideas of the scientific method. The program is designed to promote science literacy and will utilize the theme of infectious diseases, the importance of infectious disease in a community, and the impact that infectious disease outbreaks and subsequence management can have on our global society. The curriculum will range from conducting a laboratory experiment and analyzing a scientific problem modeling potential solutions to that problem. The program will merge three distinct, yet thematically interwoven, rotations, each designed to address the large question: