Teaching at the New School Spring 2013: A Chemical Narrative of the Cell / by Alexis Gambis

Starting late January 2013, I will be Adjunct Faculty at the New School teaching a Spring semester course entitled: A Chemical Narrative of the Cell. The poster image was created in November 2012 and represents my take on the course mixing narrative structure with notions of both chaos and order. The classroom becomes the cell where some elements are methylated, folded, or solitary within the delimited zone.

The post image will be used as a means of making visible our unique, interdisciplinary curriculum. The flyers will be posted all over the Eugene Lang Cafe wall, and can be seen when when you enter the main building.

Course Description
Through a narrative and visual journey, the course will discuss fundamental chemical principles and apply this understanding to appreciate the details of a cell at the molecular level. We will explore the underlying chemistry that lead from atom to the assembly of important complex macromolecules, such as DNA and proteins. The course will use visual representations and imaging to present chemical phenomena, to help make the unseen seen, and to help students understand, describe and study the building blocks of life. Assignments will incorporate film, animation and visualization exercises to further demystify chemical principles, structures and reactions.